Studying MBBS in Abroad

Studying Mbbs has been a majority of peoples aim right from their childhood. MBBS is considered as one the fields where one can throttle with high honors in career and society and for decades every household expects a doctor in their family. Due to various reasons like high cost of education and implementation of one side favored examination it’s become difficult for many people in India to pursue their passion. But Abroad studies paves a path for those who want to study MBBS but couldn’t in the current situation of our country. Many countries function with an attractive education system and most are welcoming students from other countries to study in theirs facilitating with many benefits and flexibility so that the future generation of this world could shine. Apart from The benefits of studying mbbs abroad that are stated below there are lots more advantages specific to each and every country.

No entrance examination

No frustration to clear any hard old examinations for studying mbbs abroad. The admissions are done solely based on the candidates’ higher secondary performances. Though filling up of high ranking universities is done at a fast pace, it’s necessary to be ahead of others in registering to the universities of your liking as soon as possible because most universities abroad work on a first-cum-first-serve basis. There can be a condition that candidates must have a certain percentage in their higher secondary to get in with top universities which will be specific to the universities. Anyway there is a greater chance of getting a mbbs seat abroad than here.

No donation or management fee.

We know how many deemed and private universities demand large sums of donations especially for mbbs seats.  But there is no such thing as donation or management fee in universities abroad and even the tuition fee there is considerably low compared to standard fee structure in india. Students are given less burden when it comes to fee structure and some universities provide benefits for students based on their performance in their academic years.

Low cost of living 

Planning to study abroad comes with lots of myths and doubts about the living cost, but candidates can take a deep breath and can have no doubts as it’s very affordable in most of the countries to live while studying. Unlike in India, many other countries and the universities themselves provide students with various opportunities for part time jobs within the campus and outside to help with their expenses. It’s not like students need part time jobs to sustain rather it is considered as an added support and to gain more experience and exposure along with some money. Generally many countries such as Russia, Ukraine and even China are very affordable.


Studying abroad will develop students’ exposure to language , culture and knowledge. When students of different countries, ethnicities from all over the world study in a single environment there will be lots of  sharing information, knowledge and  learning a new language will definitely give students more career opportunities. Students can get easily acquainted with different situations with different people improving their confidence and tuning their skills, opening various paths for their future endeavors.

Infrastructure and standard of living.

Most of the universities in other countries have high standards of infrastructure and morden equipment upgraded to the latest technology. As many medical institutions in countries such as Russia and Ukraine etc are globally recognised for their world class infrastructure and education. The standard of living is much higher compared to India. Students will be studying in a safe and pleasant environment without any hazards.

Better education.

Most countries have the best education system upgrading day by day housing high scholars and world class doctors.Students will be schooled by world renowned doctors and academics, sharing their experience from all over the world. This helps students in building their academic and career life in a very effective way helping people all over the world.

Students can find better education in the medical field for all the reasons stated above and more. There are a lot of choices in choosing universities abroad that provide world class knowledge within a high standard of lifestyle at low cost. It’s up to the students to choose what’s best for them and shine their future to help millions of lives.

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