The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET-UG) 2021 was scheduled to be held on August 01 but is postponed to September 12 2021. The exam is conducted in hundreds of centres across multiple cities in India. This article will guide you in taking mock tests for NEET 2021 exam. Solving mock tests is an essential and integral part of the preparation for any competitive exam. Similarly, the formula applies to the NEET exam too. 

Advantage of a mock test

  • Give you an idea about the nature of the exam.
  • Keep you aware of the demands of the exam.
  • Keep you on track in the preparation process.
  • Help you to ascertain your position among other aspirants.
  • Give you the room for course correction
  • Boost your confidence

NEET 2021 Exam Pattern

Date of the ExamSeptember 12 2021
Total Number of Questions200 (Out of which 180 needs to be answered)
Total Marks720 Marks (remains same)
Number of questions in each section
Physics Section A-35 Questions;               Section B-15 Questions                        Chemistry                Section A-35 Questions;               Section B-15 Questions
Botany                Section A-35 Questions;               Section B-15 Questions
Zoology               Section A-35 Questions;               Section B-15 Questions
              Total – 200 Questions 
Internal Choice in the question PaperOut of the 15 questions from Section B, candidates should attend only 10 questions
Question TypeMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Marking Scheme+ 4 for a correct answer, -1 for an incorrect answer,No marks are given/deducted for unanswered questions
Mode of ExaminationOffline (Pen and paper-based test)
Duration of the Exam 3 hours (180 Minutes)

Procedure to take NTA mock test

The National Testing Agency (NTA) also provides the facility for candidates to attempt their mock tests. This aids the candidates to familiarise themselves with the exam pattern for NEET. Interested aspirants can head to the official website of NTA and take up their mock tests by entering their credentials. The authority will announce the availability of mock tests after the exam day announcement.

Attempting NEET Official Mock Test – Detailed Procedure

The detailed instructions/procedure to take up the official mock test provided by the National Testing Agency is given below.

  • Unlike the actual exam, which is held offline as a pen-and-paper based test, the mock test for NEET 2021 is conducted online.
  • Aspirants who have registered for the NEET 2021 can take up the mock from the official website of NTA by entering their credentials. 
  • Keep yourself seated in a peaceful atmosphere that mimics the exam hall environment.
  • Once you’re ready, click ‘Open’ the mock test and start taking it up.
  • Read the instruction carefully before starting the test.
  • Candidates can choose their ‘preferred language’ from the given list.
  • On the right side of the screen, boxes in different colours are given. Their relevance concerning the test is given below.
Box ColourMeaning
Gray Question not yet visited.
RedQuestion yet to be answered.
GreenQuestion is answered
PurpleQuestion not yet answered but marked for review.
Purple with a green tickQuestion is answered but marked for review
  • Use an OMR sheet to code your answers while also checking the appropriate boxes on your monitor.
  • Keep an eye on the timer and plan your approach accordingly.
  • Make sure you attempt an optimal number of questions depending on the question paper’s nature and difficulty level. (as there are negative marks for incorrect responses)
  • Click ‘Submit’ if you have answered/read all the questions. 
  • Make sure you check the right boxes, as no changes can be made after completing the test.
  • Once the timer ends, the test will automatically end and be submitted even if you don’t click the submit button.
  • As the test is held online, the results will be displayed immediately after completing the mock.
  • The result includes your score, the number of correct and incorrect responses, the number of unanswered questions.

The ideal time to take the mock 

There’s no such thing as an ideal time to take the NEET 2021 mock test. But for best results, one can take the mock after completing at least 60 to 70% of your syllabus. This way, the aspirant can better analyse their preparation and it also gives space for course correction (if required) in subsequent schedules. Also, it’s advisable to attempt the mock between 2 to 5 pm to condition your mind to the exam hall scenario.


1. How to take a NEET mock test?

The official mock test for NEET 2021 can be taken up on the official website of the National Testing Agency (NTA). Aspirants can enter their credentials and start taking the test. In addition, candidates can also solve the test papers curated by private institutes if they wish to do so.

2. How many mock tests should I take before NEET?

There’s no definite answer here. You can attempt as many mocks as you deem necessary. But, several syllabus wise mocks (10 to 15) followed by a few full syllabus mocks (2 to 3) would be ideally enough for normal aspirants. 

3.Why attend NEET Mock Tests?

Mock tests help you in understanding the demands of the NEET exam. They also aid you in conditioning your mind to the exam hall scenario.