Students who are aspiring to do MBBS are increasing but with the limited number of seats available in Indian universities, the number of students traveling abroad for medical education has also seen a steep rise. Thus students looking for international universities settle down for the popular study destination based on their education system, language, living style, etc.  Bangladesh is now gaining interest among the Indian students due to its location, education policy,education cost, etc. The Reasons to studying MBBS in Bangladesh will be discussed in the following article.

The candidates who are seeking for overseas medical education prefer studying MBBS in Bangladesh as it is one of our friendly neighboring countries. The Indian medical aspirants can join Bangladesh medical universities after they receive their NEET scores. The medical education admission process in Bangladesh is simple for international students especially for the Indian students. The international students find studying MBBS in Bangladesh as a convenient and affordable option compared to other locations like Nepal, Bhutan, Ukraine, Russia, etc. The benefits of studying MBBS in Bangladesh is explained for your reference.

Cost effective study destination

The medical colleges in Bangladesh are having less education cost compared to the Indian colleges. The colleges are providing students with options to pay the fee in single payment or multi payment based on your convenience. The colleges also provide tiffend and scholarships for the students who are looking for financial help.  The hostel fees and the other fees collected by the college is also less and thus Bangladesh is considered as one of the most reasonably priced study destinations.

College approvals and recognitions

Most of the colleges located in Bangladesh are recognized and approved by the World Health Organization (who) and UNESCO. These approvals allow the candidates who are graduating from the particular university an option to serve across the globe. There are also MCI approved colleges and thus students returning to India after their course are allowed to appear for the FMGE. The colleges are also having approvals like ECFMG, MCC, WHO, ACGME, IMED,etc. 

English as the medium of instruction

English being the most widely spoken language across the globe, the colleges in Bangladesh also have English as their teaching language. This makes it comfortable for the international students to understand the lectures without much difficulty. Thus the students traveling to Bangladesh are not under pressure to learn the new language inorder to attend the classes.

Similar Education System

The education system of Bangladesh is regularly updated to meet the new health problems and enrich the students with quality education. The medical education syllabus and the books used are very similar to those used in the Indian medical college. Thus the students who are graduating from Bangladesh find it easier to clear the FMGE exam and start practicing in their hometown. 

Clinical training

All the medical colleges in Bangladesh have their own hospitals and thus the students will be able to get hands-on experience in treating the students during their internship period. The internship period done in Bangladesh medical colleges is accepted by the MCI. Getting trained at hospitals gives the students an opportunity to work with the latest medical equipment. 

Flexible traveling option

Since the country is located in the close proximity of India, traveling to Bangladesh from India is very easy and costs very less. The students can reach Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh through flight, train, or by bus at a very reduced cost. The air tickets to Dhaka from Kolkata is around INR 5000 and by roadways it will be around INR 3000. Thus for Indian students who are in search of abroad medical education at low cost can choose Bangladesh as their study destination.

Living condition, food and accommodation

The weather conditions in Bangladesh are very similar to the Indian climate, thus students will be able to get accustomed to the country without musch health complications. Since the food products are the same in India and Bangladesh, the Indian students can easily find a supply of Indian foods. The accommodation facilities will be offered by the colleges, however if you wish to stay out, you can easily find one. The people of Bangladesh are friendly and always welcoming towards the students and will be helping in their needs. You also got a lot of places to visit during your free time as Bangladesh has its own natural and scenic beauty places. 

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